lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2014

Christmas photography -I

Hello everyone! Even though for most of you Xmas is over, in Spain as we also celebrate "The three wise man" and we recieve presents, christmas doesen't finish until the 6th of Jamuary (which I think is a lot better ^^). Anyway, lately I've been really enjoying taking photos with my new camera so here there are some of my favourites I've taken. 
"The fireplace is burning bright, shining all on me..."

This one includes one of the photos Antia (the other blogger in this site) gave us as a little Xmas gift and I love it :)
And for those of you that are like me and are already counting the days till' next Xmas, you can always visit this web: 
I hope you had an amazing christmas so far :) and we'll be posting Antia's photos (she's a great photographer so I'm sure you'll love them)